Nike Zoom Rev 2017

New Release Nike Hyperrev 2017 Black White Men’s Basketball Shoes

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Nike Zoom Rev 2017

Nike Basketball has released the latest within the HyperRev line — the Nike Zoom Rev 2017.
Another budget friendly option from the Swoosh, the Nike Zoom Rev 2017 retails for $110. Featuring bottom loaded forefoot Zoom Air and a Phylon midsole, this rendition of the shoe is the first in the line to not feature cushion in both the heel and forefoot. Thick open-celled mesh is used to construct the upper along with strategically placed Fuse in high-wear areas and stress zones.
If you wanted to know more of my thoughts on the Nike Zoom Rev 2017 then check out our detailed look and review below. Stay tuned for the upcoming performance review and let us know your thoughts on the latest Nike Hyper Rev model.
They took out the zoom heel cushion so they had to take hyper out of the name.
But Hyper has nothing to do with Zoom. Hyper is part of HyperFuse which is a material still present on the shoe.
The forefoot is reli plush and bouncy, and u right I wish they had heel zoom. The contrast that the forefoot zoom in this shoe has created really made the heel felt clunky, although it probably isn’t.
Nike needs to have more variety in so far as cushion. They have so many forefoot only Zoom set ups now.
gotta love the ripple effect of the outsole it’s prolly gonna give you selective and on demand traction i bet
I actually like some forefoot only set ups. If the foam is nice it makes for a really smooth transition.
At $110 and forefoot zoom only I’ll wait for the PG1. Are zoom air bags really that expensive? Adidas is catching up Nike, Nike Hyperrev 2017 Black White Men’s Basketball Shoes better be late than sorry.
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The Nike Zoom Rev 2017 is Available Now

New year, new me – said the Hyperrev line, as Nike Basketball gives the budget line some Ritalin – renaming the shoe the Nike Zoom Rev 2017.
Nike has been known to throw in the word Hyper on many of its sneakers dating back to the Hyperdunk, so this name change would be a big shift from those times for Nike Basketball. Who knows why exactly the name was changed, although the spelling may have played a part
In any case, the surprisingly well-performing budget line is back in 2017 with a new look.
The Zoom Rev 2017 appears to feature a similar textile upper in terms of the ‘Fuse backing, although this version looks more ventilated in select areas. A pull tab is added to the heel, making this version a lot easier to sneak your foot into compared to the 2016 Hyperrev. A more plush collar lining looks to improve comfort in the area as well. The classic herringbone traction looks promising, with the pattern moving up to the sides much like the Kyrie line. The only real downside of the shoe is the removal of Zoom Air in the heel .
Click HERE to check out the Nike Zoom Rev 2017 which retails for $110.
Nike Zoom Rev 2017
No heel zoom in another budget model, why am I not surprised
Nike Hyperrev 2017 Black White Men's Basketball Shoes
The heel zoom wasn’t reactive on the 2016 model?
It’s real simple for me…..I’m not buying any shoes that don’t have full length or at least both forefoot and heel cushion. Too many options out there. Nike/Jordan can kick rocks if they don’t bring it.
Seriously. Nike/Jordan has so many models that have gone backwards or stagnated in so far as cushioning. Nike’s become way too complacent.
That shoe needs heel zoom and a redesigned strap. Nike play too much.
I feel like this traction will be pretty bad. With the arch off the ground and the weird exaggerated ripple on the sole, it seems like theres not much actual traction touching the ground
It might be exactly as you say, Nike Hyperrev 2017 Royal Blue/White-Gum On Sale but I kinda think that the outsold will flatten out when pressure is applied like the Kyrie 2.
Nike Hyperrev 2017 Black White Men's Basketball Shoes
This is extremely disappointing to me. Why? Because one of my favorite Nike Budget model was the Nike Hyperrev 2014. It featured FULL LENGTH ZOOM for only $120. Honestly that shoe was a huge bang for my buck. It’s a shame that nike has to take away the full length zoom and made it heel and forefoot. & Now they’re only doing forefoot zoom?! Like what?!?!
I totally agree. Nike keeps on disappointing by removing tech every year and by releasing ‘new’ models that are just some D grade performers with no real tech just because they’re a ‘budget friendly model’. And it is sad to see so many people wearing those bullshit models just because they’re Nikes
Wait, so why would I get these over the Hyperdunk 2016 low that’s now 110 or cheaper? LOL! The hell is Nike really doing? They aren’t the only company slacking in some departments I guess but they sure do make it easy to spot.
Am I the only one who’s disappointed by the overall design? The original Hyperrev was something fresh and original that I thought had great potential. Last year seemed to be headed on the right track but it now appears that the shoe has devolved into a generic, bland budget model
The uppers look great, the big-booty midsole, and reduced cushioning is bad though.
So now Nike makes an ACG boots for balling? These better withstand rain and storm like other ACG boots
Don’t they have a bunch of budget models already with forefoot-only zoom? Why bother making another one?
The rev line was known for its heel and forefoot zoom. They should’ve just called this the hyperfuse 2017.
nike hyper rev,Nike Zoom Hyper Rev
At first i thought these looked to bland compared to previous iterations. But the black and gum look great despite the more traditional design.
No rear zoom? Oh shit, not for me then. I mean…. Nike Hyperrev 2017 Pink White Basketball Shoes For Men T