TOM SACHS NIKE Mars Yard 2.0 Air Max

TOM SACHS NIKE Mars Yard 2.0 Air Max

Seller: carrallo ✉️ 0% , Location: Elmhurst, New York, US , Ships to: US, Item: 254010920859 Tom Sachs Nike Mars Yard 2.0 Air Max. Up for sale are a pair of Nike Tom Sachs mars yard 2.0 size 11 shoes come with the box which is a little banged up they come with the extra pair of insoles as well as the pamphlet and tag as shown in the photos shoes were a gift so not sure whether real or not still over all amazing sneaker never worn will be double boxed when shipped feel free to ask any questions before purchasing shoot an offer there are no returns or refunds please check out my other listings for more shoes and vintage clothing Condition: New with box , Brand: Nike , US Shoe Size : Tom Sachs x Nike Max 1 Mars Yard 2.0 For Sale 11 , Style: Cross Training Shoes See More
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Nike Air Max 1/97 VF Sean Wotherspoon Royal Blue/White-Yellow AJ4219-141 >ReUp Philly

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TOM SACHS NIKE Mars Yard 2.0 Air Max
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2018 Nike Air Max 1
Tom Sachs x Nike Max 1 Mars Yard 2.0 For Sale
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Tom Sachs x Nike Max 1 Mars Yard 2.0 For Sale
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